Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DAVID: February 6, 2012

This week was so crazy!!!! I got my new companion and he is from Utah.  He is reallly good and his dad is a current Bishop in his area.

The first day here in Rajahmundry i was dead scared to ride the bike. On top of that my companion's first day in India.  He is also scared to death.  Man!!  We are both white washed and didn't know where to go. My companion Elder Hodgson almost crashed his bicycle into to running auto.  I am fine now, we are slowly getting hang of the bicycle.  My leg is fine. But my bum is killing!! My companion is also dying.  We are not use to this.  Haven't rode the bicycle for 7 months, especially in India.

I think it is a adventure here in my new area.  so yesterday, we ate so much food. this morning both of us suffered with loose motion.

In Church i really like the members because they are ALWAYS willing to help the Elders.  Many people are calling this place as the Land of Bountiful.  I like it a lot.

Mom, Thank goodness the mother is still alive.  She wanted to commit suicide but the members really helped her and comforted her. She is not dead!!

The new area is like a village, not a developed city.  The people are so good.  People of different religion dont know who mormon's are. But they do know where the A/C Church is.  It's funny I think.  When i asked this one man, he said this " The AC Church is this way and the Luthern Church is the opposite way"

I really like Rajahmandry.  I just have to find more poeple to teach.


Elder Aruldoss

PS: Elder Hodgson loves the Cocunut water and Mango juice.

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