Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DAVID: January 23, 2012

My week was little tough because we went finding for many days.  It was really hard for us to find new people who speak english. The rich people diffently think that they know everything.  I would say that they are little prideful.   Next week we have planned to baptize 3 people and they are so good.  I want to tell you about this couples Madhu (husband), Maduri (wife). They are married for five years.  They are  struglling finacially because of one decision that they maid.  They dicided not to work on Sundays.  They rather keep the commandments of God than being canally minded. After teaching the WOW they stopped drinking Coffee and Tea.  Brother Madhu mother came to visit him last week and the mother asked him for Coffee.  I was also there bit late.  I was so impressed by them because they did not drink Coffee and told the mother that they stopped that habit.  We are going to baptize them next week.  I am so excited for them.   Before we teaching them the lessons they already came to Church for 3 weeks to a different branch.  I like this family very much, they are going to be a great members of the Church.
BAD NEWS!!  It was really shocking week for my companion.  One of his brothers also serving in the same mission for 8 months.  He is a good missionary.  We found out that he ran away from the mission.  He left a note saying that there is some problems in the family, so that's why he is leaving the mission. No one knew where he was and what he was doing until few days back.  He was in a member's house in Chennai.  Long story short he did come back to finish his mission. we don't know the details of why he did that.  But we are so happy that he came back.  My companion was stressed out so much. Because he doesn't have parents and only 3 brothers take care of themselves.  so his mind was totally out for few days.
It looks like i am going to a different place, I dont know that yet.  I am expressing it because i had a dream and in my dream i got a companion who is my bachmate.  He was also my MTC companion.  I told Pre. Funk i cant do this and i don't want him again.  He told me that JUST DEAL WITH IT!!!  I was so confused when i woke up in the morning.  So i think that i will be transferred sooon.
I love my family so much.

Elder Aruldoss.  

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