Monday, January 2, 2012

DAVID: December 12, 2011

Thank you for the emails.  I love reading them each week.  
This week was awesome.  My new companion and i baptized a part member.  It was such a great experence.  We are really working hard in our area.  I love the missionary work.  So we are currently teaching a family and they all speak english.  So we did everything that we could to invite them to church and even we took our branch president with us to talk to him.  We had a nice conversion with him.  This family said that it is hard to come to church in the afternoon and our church in is in the afternoon.  so they will come to church srarting next year.  From next month church will be in the morning  and i am excited.  I dont know why?
On last wednesday, my comapanion and i went on a split. so i took one member with me to his house to teach his parents.  So when i went to his house, i saw there were about 16 people who were sitting in the house and they all relatives to this member.  The BAD NEWS WAS NO ONE SPOKE ENGLISH!!!!!  However, i did not miss the opportunity and most of the people had Word of Wisdom problem.  SO I DECIEDED TO TEACH THEM THIS COMMANDMENTS!!  It was such a good lesson and i loved each one of them in that house.  They took my invitation to follow this commandments.  It was a great experence.  I felt like a PASTER,  teaches this huge croud. 
I am excited to talk to all of you.  Abbey, sorry about that email.  I still love very much. 
Hey, mom can you please send me some family pictures.  Maybe from Aaron's weding.  Please mom. I have no pictures of our family and everyone  is asking me about family and want to see the pictures.
I love you mom and dad and all the Allred kids.

Elder Aruldoss.

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