Monday, January 2, 2012

DAVID: December 19, 2011

I am so happy that all the kids are coming home for Christmas.  I will so looking forward to talking to you.  We have about 45 min to talk to our family and i talk to pre.Funk and he told me that i can call my mom family in India and USA. I was so happy after he said that.  So I have to buy a sim card and Tell you the number later on this week. You can call me 9:00 am in the morning.  So like you said it will be saturday AZ time.  Make sure all of the kids are home when you call me, PLEASE!
My week was good.  We have this one family, part members.  They live on the mountain, its like a jungle.  MAN!!!  We have to walk all the way to the top to get to their house because their house is way on the top. Basically last house on the top of the mountain.  We walk up there everyday to teach this one sister who is going to take baptism next month.  Her name is Gouri. Both my companion and I die climbing up this mountain. Sometime our life is like climbing a moutain.   We want to give up moving farward with life and face so many problems and challenges.  But the end is worth it all and we feel happy because we maid it.  In the same way we struggled so much going up, but happy that we maid it and not only we are happy but others also happy to receive the gospel.  I felt so happy to see this family everyday because i know that it was worth of climbing this moutain to bring them to Church.  This sister also came to church yesterday.  God is really great!!
I love you  and will be waiting for your call!!
Elder Aruldoss

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