Sunday, October 21, 2012

DAVID: October 8, 2012

This week was good. The one thing that we are doing well in this area is finding new investigators and another thing that we are doing well is that dropping the investigators who are not progressing.  We found a great family, Samuel this week and taught them the first lesson and the lesson was taught without the husband because he was so busy working.  When we invited them for baptism they said that they will consult with the dad regarding the Baptism. The next day we called them and they told us not to come into their home anymore.  They told us that their pastor told them not to let us into the house anymore. I was so not ready to hear that from this family.  I don't know what to do with these pastors here in India.  As soon as i head this message from Samuel family i just wanted to punch that pastor on his face.  But that's not what Christ would do, so i forgave him. I really feel sad to drop this family.

We had a wonderful baptism of sister Thangam, who was attending the Church for a month. She is the mother of my converts Arun and Naveen. Only dad is left for the Baptism.  he wants more time for his baptism.  The baptism service was really good and It was funny when sister Thangam didn't' plug her nose when she  went into the water.  But this sister bore a toughing testimony and thanked us for helping her to be baptized.  When the Zone leaders interviewed her they asked her how long she will come to Church and she replied that she will be faithful to her convents for her entire life. The hardest part was preparing her baptism interview in English.  She doesn't speak any English and the answers that she responded to the BIQ in Tamil we translated them into English.  She studied her questions and answers everyday.  She even took her notes to her work and studied it during the lunch time.  She was a sweet sister and i am thankful to God for her.

We use to have sister missionaries long a ago. But for some reason they stopped.  Now, they are again coming to our mission.  This week we are having about 4 new sister missionaries are arriving into our mission. Glad to know that the ages are changed for the missionaries and this will diffidently help the Church to grow even faster.  I am thankful to be on a mission.

Love Elder Aruldoss.

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