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DANIEL: March 13, 2012

This is our weekly littersthe President

Helping = commitments.
We best HELP people when we assist them to make and keep commitments! And we do not lack for commitments! We have all kinds of them, each one with the primary purpose to invite the Spirit into the lives of our people, as they exercise the faith to DO what we ask them to do. The “witness” we so desire for them comes AFTER the trial of their faith. Helping people to demonstrate faith through commitments is what a solid PMG missionary does all day long. It is where progress comes from. It is where testimony is born and where conversion begins. Commitments make the missionary.

One of the key commitments (in fact, a “key indicator” commitment) that we offer to HELP the precious souls that we serve is that of Sacrament meeting attendance. We measure our performance with this key indicator commitment for very good reasons:

It is a superior way to discover the hearts of those we teach. 
It helps to separate the sheep from the goats. 
It is where a person‟s “willingness” is manifest.
It is where the Gospel is taught and learned….and felt. 
It is a superior venue for instruction.
It is where the Spirit should reside in abundance each week.
It is where our best fellowshippers “live.” (Our magnificent members!)

“Our Sabbath-day behavior is a reflection of our commitment to honor and worship God.” (PMG) Attending Sacrament meeting is a requirement for baptism (with very few exceptions). Remember, participation in the ordinance of the Sacrament is not only a commandment, but a significant part of our preparation to return back to Heavenly Father. And isn‟t that our goal for all that we teach? We can preach all week and spend every waking moment sharing the Gospel, but if we have no one with us on Sunday at Sacrament meeting, we have failed to benefit our teaching list with one of the most significant commitments in their development. 

A teaching pool is full of people who don‟t come to Church. A teaching river, on the other hand, will be sitting with you in the congregation on Sunday! In many ways a true measure of our success each week in touching hearts and changing lives, in making a real difference, will be the number of our people (investigators, home teaching and branch mission process families, etc.) participating in the Sacrament. One cannot overestimate the importance of this commitment in HELPING our beloved investigators “come unto Christ.”
10+ at Church. We should not be satisfied with anything less. Revelatory planning, BMCM counsel and working with members will all be required...but the fruits of our labors will be sweet. 

Get it done! Have fun. All the best.

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