Monday, March 26, 2012

DAVID: March 5, 2012

We found some good families last week.  We are really excited for them to teach the gospel to them. One person from one of the families had many questions and one of the questions that he had was WHY there are many Churches in the world and why the different denomination of the Christian don't like each other.  Many other great questions he asked us.  He also speaks god English.

There is another sister who we met on Wednesday. She told us that she had many visions.  In her visions she went to Heaven and saw God, danced with angles. The dance was completely different then anything else. She was sitting on the right side of God and He told her to stay awake because she was falling asleep while He was talking to her.  I don't know if this is true, But i asked her one question.  I asked her "Can you show me a move from the dance that the Angles did"  There are many people who claim that they had visions of many.

This fast and testimony meeting our investigator Raventh bore his testimony.  I was so happy about him. There is one more thing that he said which filled my EMPTY stomach. Last two weeks he is simply attending the Church and This week he said that "Brother my heart is willing to come to church today and I am going to stay full 3 hours" I was really happy to hear that from him. I know that the Gospel is all about changing lives and i am happy for Raventh.

SInce the division of the branches, we had hard time taking members for exchages last week because most of the members who spoke English went to different branch.

I am so happy to do the Lords work.  You probably heard about the Proxy Baptism of Gandhi because of that we could not wear our name tags for few days.  One of our missionary was also got beat up in Hyderabad by a Hindu Mobs.  That Elder belong to the branch that i serve currently.  It was scary for all of us.

Love you all very much.

Elder Aruldoss

This is Raventh

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