Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DANIEL: March 21, 2012

Wow where do I start form? In a week a lot happened. First let me state from my transfer meeting we had a transfer meeting last Thursday and My old companion got transfer to 2nd Branch and He is a zone leader now for our West Zone. Now I have a new companion and he is form Hydropath. He is a cool elder and Loves to teach the lessons.

Dad thank you for you wonderful litter and the love and support.

Today March 21, 2012. We went to paly bowling with all the elders in New Delhi mission and our  president’s family. It was so much fun and we all had good time.

The spiritual moment was with our investigator Vinay. It was a wonderful family and they are willing to follow and willing to change their life for God and I love that from them. Yesterday we taught them about The Word of Wisdom. We took little time with them because they had some problem with is commandments. Brother Vinay said after the lesson “I will change because I know God want me to do this and I know He will help me”. I thought to myself wow we need thing kind of priesthood man for God’s kingdom. We love teaching them because they are excited to learn about the Gospel. I’m grateful for this family God has given to us to teach it is a blessing to me personally.

My companion and I went to Zone council meeting we learned a lot of things for our area and what we need to do? On our way we talked about our forefather’s History and what they had done to bring this country and how it is now people don’t care about the rules and traditions. It made me little sad because now people are spoiled in the Northern parts of India. We shared about our families and how grateful we are for them and their love. I want to thank my family and the support and the love you had showed to me. Thank you for your examples fam. Love you all.

Love you all miss you a lot.

Elder Aruldoss 


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