Monday, March 26, 2012

DAVID: March 12, 2012

It is really hot here in my area. Afternoon is the WORST time. However, my week was wonderful.  We had our Zone Conference last week which was pretty good because Elder Watson who is one of the 70s came
to that as well as the District Conference.  I learned how to mark the Scriptures with different colors for diffrent things.  The spirit was amazing on that day.  Tears came like anything from my eyes. It was so good.

I want to tell you about my investigators Bro. Raventh.  He speaks good English.  He is from Hindu  background. Very good brother, asks so many good ?'s during our discussion every time.  One day after an
appointment he took us to eat lunch.  I really like him because his faith has been increasing day by day.  Always tell to us "Elders thank you for being patient with me because i am asking so much ?s to you both".  I know that he will be a great member of the Church.

We are finding many people and dropping many people. Lately, it is easy to find people in but hard to get them do things. The pasters are really bad here they always tell something wrong to his congrecation about us. Many of the Pasters told that "Don't let those people into your house, they teach false doctrines."

However, we are working with some good people closely to bring them to Church. Also, pray for sister Ramya who is also from hindu background. Speaks really good English.Her mother and father totally aganit her baptism but she wants to take baptism in the Church.  They didn't let her come to church at all.  We are little worried about her. All of her friends are also making fun of her at college. She is having hard with them.  Keep her in you prayer.

I am doing good and VERY happy to do the Lords work.  I know this gospel is TRUE!!  Tell hi to all from me.  I love you and miss you.

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