Sunday, September 16, 2012

DAVID: April 16, 2012

I had the opportunity to go to Vizag last week for the leadership meeting.  Yes! it was my previous area.  I was thrilled to see my recent converts and the members.  We also had a wonderful training for two days.  during the training pre.Funk asked us my companion and i to come to the front for a small practice.  so we did and from no where sister Fun brought her Camera to video tape us, the practice.  We did well helping one of the investigators concern.  Right after this they played on the big screen.  It was little embarrassing. But i had learned to correct my weak places where i need to improve in teaching.  On the way back we had a wonderful train ride.

It was amazing how out recent convert Devi wanted to help us in the missionary work.  She came with us to teach a family and she also assisted  that family to come to church. Hey confirmation in the sacrament meeting was special.

Sunday was pretty good and many of our investigators came to Church. I think it was the best Sunday I had in Rajahmundry.  Our investigatos Mary Grace and Naomi were on of a kind of investigators.  We gave a
Book of Mormon chapter to read before the next visit. During our follow up, we came to know that they had read it 5 times the same chapter and their mother who cant read Telugu at all and so they help her to understand that chapter as well. That's why i want to call them "one of a kind investigators."  They will be taking baptism last week of this month.  Great Family!!

I will call you on May 8th. So let me know the exact times.

Also, we will have a unbelievable and unmemorable month of May in India.  We are finally organizing a first Stake in India.  I am so excited for the Church in India.  I think one of the Apostles attending this special occasion.

I want to express my love to each of you.

Elder Aruldoss

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