Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DAVID: July 23, 2012

Last week was so good.  We did lots of finding in some areas that we haven't done anything. It was little tough for us. Apart from that we have been preparing a family for baptism since we got to this area and they are plan to be baptized  this coming week.  When this happens this will be my first time that i will be baptizing a full family of 4 members.  We have planned to baptize 5 people including that family.  Please pray for us.  We have so many people to teach and there are other families who are preparing for baptism next month.  I am very lucky to serve here!!  Week from today it will be my one year mark since i came on my mission. My time goes so fast!!

We taught a less active sister named Mayhala.  This sister and her husband are members, but living separately. She has two daughters.  One is living with mother and other is with father.  I thought of my boyhood life and my family was kind of in a simile situation. I shared my story with this sister and encouraged her to come to Church. She hasn't come to Church for 8 months.  The Husband and wife had some misunderstand and the husband didn't treat the wife with love. So for this reason they were separated.  During Sunday, i saw the husband came with one daughter, it seems like he is a good man.  The wife also came to Church with the other daughter. So they both sat in different places.  I was observing all these. So the mother let her daughter to sit with her husband.  She is such a nice sister.  The dad gave a priceless smile at her and embraced her closely.  Such a cute seen. I wish you could have been there. I pray that they will soon resolve all the concerns and be united again. The Gospel is for the FAMILIES and I am so thankful to help this sister.  I am so enjoying my mission having such a  wonderful experiences like this one.

Love you. Elder Aruldoss.

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