Friday, September 21, 2012

DAVID: August 6, 2012

This week was really bad for my companion.  He was sick for 4 days and i stayed with him the whole time and didn't able to proselyte.  He is doing much better now and almost to his full health.  We did set up some families with baptism date for this month.  I am way!!! excited for this month.

Sunday testimony meeting was so powerful and many members bore a solid testimony including my convert Sivakumar who was baptized last week. This family is sooooo good.  i love them so much.  Many of my investigators has one concern in common.  It is drinking of Coffee and Tea problem.  This one brother bore a great testimony and said our Heavenly Father is ready to bless us.  He has bucket full of flowers ready to throw on our head.  When we read scriptures He drops one flower on head and when we pray He drops another flower head, But when we keep the commandments fully, then he drops the full bucket on our head.  I really like this a lot. This brother's testimony really toughed my Heart. When we keep the commandments God, our heavenly Father Bless us so much.  My companion and i are ready to Rock this week. We are both are tired of staying in the apartment and IT 'S TIME TO WORK!!!! this area is ready to well ready to harvest.

My branch is also improved a ton.  Slowly the less actives also coming to Church and this is a great news. Soon the branch will be divided into two branches. I am so excited to see the branch growth.  The branch members are so good helping us in this work. I am so excited to be on a mission at this time.  gospel is True!! everywhere.

I miss you and convey my love to everyone.  I love to and thank you for all your prayers.

Elder Aruldoss

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