Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DAVID: July 16, 2012


That means Hello!!

I had a great week.  All i know is that there are many people here prepared for the gospel.  This coming week we have a baptism.  The candidates name is Chandra. Her only problem is that she has little Word of Wisdom problem of drinking Coffee. She is really trying to stop it.  I am so happy for her effort to stop that habit. Then the following week we have a family of four, who is taking baptism.  I am so excited for them.  This family is really a gift from God.  there are doing so good. We also had many people attended Church (14), this is my new record.   I love this place Erode. There are loving members and sweet investigators.  I love this place!!  We are working with the branch to activate as much less active members as possible.  We taught a brother, who works in an orphanage.  We taught him the Restoration and he wanted to take the baptism, which is great.  So this Sunday he brought the full orphanage to Church and we didn't have enough seats inside for them.  So we took them to the primary room and kept them for 1st full hour. I did not baby sit them this time and i for bunch of YSA and told them to take care of those kids.  There were about 10 to 12 came to Church.

I am glad that abbey went to EFY and YES!!!!!!!!! it was my turning point of my life.  I vividly remember everything and i often reflect on my memories.  I do read my Patriarchal blessing and it is truly my Liahona.  I love it so much.

Glad to be on a mission and learning life's valuable lessons.  Love my mission and expressing my love and gratitude for preparing me to be a disciple of Christ.  I do KNOW this Gospel is TRUE.

I love you and think of you Often.

Elder Aruldoss

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