Sunday, September 16, 2012

DAVID: May 21, 2012

I had a tough week.  We had many appointments with our investigators, but the members did not help us at all.  They are all so busy with their work and because of that we had to cancel many appointments.  It really frustrated me. We also did lots of finding and that is also challenging for us.

 The good news is that we finally got to talk with our branch president and maid a plan to motivate the members to either give a referral or come with us on exchanges.  We are going to conduct a fireside called "missionary introductory fireside" where we basically talk and introduce ourselves to the members.  There are many of them still don't know us or our names.  They need to know that we are there to help the branch to grow and they have to help us with that.

We are excepting a baptism this coming week.  That sister name is Amala and she has been coming to Church for a month.  So she is ready to be baptized.

A funny story: My companion and I were waiting near a bus stand on Saturday and this drunk man came up to my companion and gave him a huge and try to kiss him.  It was really a funny scene.

I am happy to be a missionary here in India.

Love you and miss you.

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