Sunday, September 16, 2012

DAVID: May 27, 2012

My week was really good.  We had a baptism of sister Amala which was great.  We had to baptize her for three times because she kept bringing her leg above the water.  It was little funny.  I feel very confidence that this sister will be a strong member of the Church. Amala's brother is mental and we told her to bring him to Church and they did.  MAN!!  It was hard to control him while they are in the Relief Society class.  I basically baby sited him for an hour.  He also had an accident  in his pants and they didn't bring anything to change and i didn't know what to do with this boy and in his wet pants he was running around everywhere in the Church. I basically carried him back to the room.  I love that boy Solomon. 

It was also a historical week here in India.  WE HAVE OUR FIRST STAKE IN INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes!!!!  I am so excited for the future in India.  The Apostle Oaks came to Hyderabad to organize the Stake.  In that Big city we have about 1900 members and 6 branches are located.  I am so glad that i am on the mission at this time of excitement. We have a Stake  president and a Patriarch.  I am so grateful to have the True Church among so many other churches. The Gospel is so true!!

I love you and miss you.

Elder Aruldoss

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