Friday, September 21, 2012

DANIEL: August 1, 2012

Dear families and friends

Wow where do I start? Past Sunday we had wonderful sacrament meeting in our Vasant Vihar, while we had this meeting the power went off. It was dark for a while; it was a new experience for me that day. I’m happy for the monsoon season that you are getting that’s good. How is everyone in our family? I will diffidently pray for Jill and her baby. I received mail form 9th ward. It is good to read other missionaries form our word and looks like they are doing will. 
Will last few days we did not have power in our apartments. Thank goodness today we do have power? With the power we couldn’t get good sleep and with our sleep days are not good. Almost seven states out of power. Now is the monsoon season in New Delhi. Last two weeks we had been getting lots of rain in hear.

Last Monday we had our District meeting, it was wonderful. In our District we have eight elders, including Zone leader and Assistants. In this area is really hard to find and to baptize people in because we live in the Embassy area.

Thursday we had second specialized training. It was wonderful. Our mission President and Sister Sackley they are great and they are learning lot of things, because they are new to this country.
Sister. Sackley told us what Prophet. Thomas S. Monson had told them.

1.      Show How not tell How?
2.      Member missionary program (using the right members in the teaching and the discussions).
3.      Show love and respect the leaders in the church.
4.      We should love others not shoal (our main goals is to get the missionary work in the members’ soul).

President. Sackley talked about REAL GROWTH
How real growth is important in our missionary life.
He said “Nothing happens until YOU do something about it”

Last week I decided to fast and pray for our teaching river because we had been finding lot in this area. Unfortunately we have been finding 30% ers (people who don’t keep the commitments). Finally the Lord helped us to find one family. We are working with them. They are wonderful family of one boy and two girls and father and mother. Whenever I fasted in my life. He always provided the way or given me what I asked HIM. I’m so grateful for my Heavenly Father and His love and support in my life.

We had family home evening yesterday; with YSA and Branch missionaries in our branch we watch Puss and Boots. It was funny movie.

Love you all thank you for your love and your support. Miss you all

 Elder Aruldoss  


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