Sunday, September 16, 2012

DANIEL: May 23, 2012

Dear Families and Friends

How are you all? I’m glad to hear that Adam finished his education. 

I’m doing well. This week was wonderful and we had been taught many things in our Zone Conference. I thought maybe I can share some things that I had learned.

The first thing that I had learned Unity is one of the most important things in our missionary work. We my companion and I working really will on the topic.

The second thing is Unity with my branch members and leaders in the church, because WE ARE ALL ONE ARMY in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As you all know how much I love playing basketball. My mission president love basketball too. He said gospel is like a playing basketball. It is soooo… true because in India New Delhi mission not every one is well trained in the Gospel like a basketball not everyone is superstar, especially where started to learn about the gospel. Every team has a superstar in their teams our superstar player is Jesus Christ. He has played every position on the team. He wants us to do our best and give all in the game. We are not alone on the court He is also there to help us to win the game. He told us if you need me I will be right behind you pass to ball to me I will take your burden a little before we give the ball to him we need to thing did we do our part to help our superstar, like practice to triple the ball, did we practice shouting the ball, Christ wants us to experience for ourselves first and then if we can’t we call on him. 

Some people started to apply in their life some of the principals and doctrines like when I started to learned to shut the ball. Some people are playing the game from their childhood but some people are started little late but it’s ok. No matter what the most important thing is to become a better player. Some people have the talent of playing but they are not willing to practice or some time too lazy in their practice. Some people want to play the game but not willing to practice. As a member of the team we have to see how we can help ourselves by applying the doctrines into our life. If you remember Jeffery R. Holland gave a talk on this subject he asked as to “stay in the game”. That’s what I would like to say stay in the game because we have the greatest player Jesus Christ and our Coach (who is our Heavenly Father). The opposite team may bring your excitement down or in the audience may laugh at you jest focus on the goals and move forward and follow your superstar you will be safe and protect us and help us to win the game.

Baptism is coming up this Sunday, and we have some investigators but we are trying to meet with them.

Love you all take care.

Elder Aruldoss  

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