Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DAVID: July 9, 2012

My dear family, 

I had an awesome week. We had our Zone conference last week and  we spent couple of days in Bangalore.  The trainings and the practices were pretty good.  I enjoyed my time with all the missionaries.  I felt like it was a missionary reunion. 

The family that i told you about last is doing well.   Thanks!! for your prayers.  We also did a service project for this family on Saturday.  It was a great turnout.  The wonderful members assisted us in this project.  We also found some new families to teach and this place, Erode is a wonderful place and  lots of Christian are here.  There are many members here aren't coming to Church and we are really working hard to activate them.  We already found several of the families.  We are having lots of help from the auxiliary leaders from the branch.

Today: we took some members on a hike to a famous Hindu mountain.  They have a hindu temple on the top of the mountain.  It was the tallest mountain in Erode.  It was fun to climb up to the top of that mountain.  I could see the full valley of Erode.  Because this hike was dangerous to climb up, they had an iron rod,so that we could hold on to climb up.  This reminded me of the Lehi's dream and how many held the iron rod and was saved.  I was glad to hold on to that Iron rod and got up to that mountain safely.

WIth much love

Elder Aruldoss

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