Monday, September 17, 2012

DAVID: June 17, 2012

Thanks to all for the Birthday wish.  I had a good birthday on Sunday. The Elders in my apartment bought me a cake and we celebrated it together.  I was also not feeling well last few days, i am suffering with cold for few days.

Where do i start:  I GOT MY TRANSFER!!  I am going to Erode, which is still in Tamil Nadu. I will be training again a missionary from states and also District leader there. I am really looking forward for this chance to improve myself.  I will be leaving this week to my new area with my trainee.

We have found a family two weeks ago.  The family name is Philliks.  This is my favorite family here.  They all speak English and VERY humble and beautiful family. I really like teaching this family a lot. But i will be leaving everyone this week. I am really not happy about that.  Hopefully they will be baptized next month. Pray for this family.

The Church was flooded one day because someone forgot to turn off the tub in the kitchen and water got into every class rooms. The floors were maid of carpets and it was all soaked wet.  The good news was that all the missonaries were happen to be there.  so next 2 hours we spent cleaning all the rooms together.  It was a great service project for me.  I miss doing the ward service projects.

I CRIED!! reading the Conference talk "Sacrifice"  I loved it so much.

I want to express my deep gratitude to Both of my lovely Mother's and love you both.

Danny: thanks for your sacrifice to serve the Lord.

Love Elder Aruldoss.

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