Sunday, September 16, 2012

DANIEL: May 30, 2012

Dear families and Friends

How are you? It seems like now you are less busy I am glad to hear that from you mom. I am exited for Read and Emily for their future. Tell them I said Congratulation. It is sad to hear about Brother Huso and Sister Liddiard about them. I will pray for them.

I was sick for a day now I’m doing little better nothing series I had fever and loos motion all day yesterday. Today I got some energy to come out.

We had two baptisms last Sunday and looks like this will be the last baptism in this area, because I will be getting transferred next Thursday. We have lots of Investigators in this area and we have nice families. I do not want to go away from this area but I don’t have a choice of staying. I love this Dwarka area because people are nice and I had seen many miracles and sacrifices of these wonderful saints. I had been in this area for seven months one of my main goal was to help them establish the leadership little stronger then I found when I arrived in this area and help the young man in the branch. When I came over to this branch we had barely started to home group program.

In our home group we had most of them Recent Converts and some less active families. One thing that my companion and I did going to leaders’ home and helping them with the lessons and talks. Helping our home group leader how to conduct. It has been a wonderful experience in this area not only my leaders learned and also I learned many things in this branch. If you ask me what is the one thing that I learned past seven months in this area is Great things comes through our hard work in life. Some times I need to try again and again until I get it.

We had a specialized training yesterday we talked about “Manner of Happiness” these are the scriptures talks about it. My challenge is to you this week read these verses (2Nephi 5:5-17, 26-27; Alma 1:25-31; Alma50:1, 12, 18-23; 4Nephi 1:2-3, 5, 7, 10-18; Mosiah 18:8-11, 21-23, 27; Mosiah 2: 31-32, 41; and Moses 7:18). This people understood what is true Happiness?

Looks like David is doing good baby siting work in his area. It will be helpful for him in the future. JK

Love you all

Elder Aruldoss        

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