Sunday, September 30, 2012

DAVID: September 17, 2012

This week was full of ups and downs.  There is a CSI (Church of South India) Church near our investigators home and many members are less active in our Church bur active in that CSI church.  All are going there each week.  We have been teaching them to come back to the Restored and true Church.  We also have some part members with baptism date.  But what happened they all went to that Church this week.  I was so frustrated with them and worked so hard to bring them to Church but they didn't come.  So we went to their house to after Church to figure out what we want to do with them.  I spoke with them and they said that their pasters are scolding them for coming to our church.  They are  basically asking the church to give money to come to church.  They understand that the Church is restored but hesitating to come.  They are also stating many other reasons.  we did all that we could but they maid a choice.  I felt really sad for this group of people who lives near that Church.  We can not do anything about it for these people. 

One day we went to sister Mecia's house, one of the part members lives there and helped her wash the dishes and dry them out.  I enjoyed that experience very much.  I also shared my experience of washing dishes once a week.  My coverts Naveen and Arun received their Aaronic Priesthood this week.  The parents loved witnessing that.  I love being a missionary and serving others.

I found out that my companion is a great cook.  We have been eating lunch in the apartment since he arrived.  He cooks for 4 elders and we all eat together.  The food is so Tasty! MOM, you are missing out the Indian food.  On Saturday we cooked Chicken fry with Rotti.  It was unbelievably delicious. I really thank God for Indian food.  I am enjoying my hard times and my good times here.  Apostle said that "Perfect love casteth out fear."

Sorry that the kids are moving out to another house.  I am sure that you would like them to stay. I miss you all so much and with much love.

Elder Aruldoss

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