Friday, September 21, 2012

DAVID: July 30, 2012

Guess what everyone. 

Today is my one year mark.  I have completed one year.  Half way around the world!!  You might ask how i feel about this.  I feel wonderful and special to serve the Heavenly Father and my Savior for one year.  The time went sooooo fast.  I am even more excited for the next half to serve the Heavenly Kings.  I am so happy to be on a mission.  Those who serve a mission is truly a blessing. I am so greatful for it.
Guess what?  My companion and i had 5 baptisms last week. I had mentioned those names last week.  It was one of my memorable day of my mission.  It is truely a privilege to teach and baptize the Sivakumar family.  It was a wonderful day for them also.  Their happiness was inexpressible.  Pre.Funk was there with his wife as well as area president of the Asia Watson.  It was a perfect day to baptize them.  We also had 18 investigators at the Sacrament last week whchi is my new record of investigators attending Church.  My area is prepared by the Angels of God to receive the Gospel.  I pray for Danny to find people to teach.  We have many more baptism coming for newt month and my companion Elder Smoot is really motivated and said  "lets do smart missionary work."  He is also helping me a lot here.  I couldn't do anything without him.  I will send you pictures soon.  The Gospel is true and it is for families who wants to follow it.

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