Friday, September 21, 2012

DAVID: August 13, 2012

Funny thing to tell you, when i went to the photo shop to print out the pictures of our family.  The shop owner asked me if he could hang  one of the pictures of our family on the wall of his shop. I said that is fine.  He has many other families and their photos handing in his studio.  So MOM is that OK?, i gave him the permission to hang our family picture.  If not let me know. 

My branch is really growing in many ways which i am really happy about.  We are also excepting two baptisms this coming week.  The sisters are Ruthnirmala and Sheeba. They had been coming to Church for more than a month.  I am really excited for them.  In the beginning the mother didn't excepted to be baptized.   It was a hard work on our side to help her understand the Gospel.  The good news is  that they speak really good English.  They will be great members of the Church.   This sisters husband ran away from her many years ago.

India Bangalore Mission reached 89 baptisms last month which is the highest ever in India in a month.  The missionaries are doing really good here.  We will have more success than last year and many good things are going to happen.  This shows that there are many people are ready for the gospel and many others preparing to receive it.  I love the Church and i know that it is so true.  Missionary work NEVER gets tired for me because it brings me so much happiness and joy in my life and the lives of others.  Such a great blessing to help some one receive the Restored Gospel.

With much Love 

Elder Aruldoss

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