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DANIEL: June 27, 2012

Dear families and Friends

I’m really sorry for not writing you last week. I went to see some of the members from other area, and it was fun.
Thursday I taught English class, visited some of our investigators and members.  f
riday we went to our investigator’s home and that’s where my my spiritual experience is past week I had the chance to teach about “Plan of Salvation” to one of our investigators.

I had never taught in any language to any person other then English. One of our investigators did not understood the lesson what we do we taught in Tamil. I’m not really good at speaking in Tamil, but I have no Idea how the words came in my mouth like that. Another occasion two days ago I had the chance to speak to one of the Hindi person. I  ITL ed that person in Hindi. I was amazed with one thing that is God’s purpose will be accomplished no matter what? My mission president gave a talk in his last District Conference. He talked about one question that is why bad things happened to good people. I would like to share with you some insides. He said “some times in life we will not reap what we sowed in life” I was gave some thoughts to this sentences, you know that is facts that what he had told us.
“He also told us God did not pre plan every thing in our life.” We bring every thing into our life through our choices or in another word God given us agency to choose it is up to us if we want to choose happiness or sadness. He told what the things that especial to Him and his life.
     1.   Being obedient.     2.   Family is the most important units.
     3.  Paying Tithing shows our love and willingness to God.     4.  The Book of Mormon shows us how much God loves His children and it shows the truthfulness of the Bible.     5.  We are especial to Him because we are the pioneers to the coming generations.     6.  Temples     7.  Last but not the least our Savior Jesus Christ.

Yesterday we had the chance of hear from our mission president. Jackson in our specialized training. He had learned some important principles. I would like to share these things with you all.
God’s work is bring us back to Him (Moses 1:39). So what is our work in this world? In D&C 11: 20 tells us. Our job is to be Obedient to the commandments of God. That’s our job, when we are obedient to Him. He blesses us and we can become like our Savior that’s our job.
 In Matthew 5:48 tells us we need to be perfect. What is the meaning of Perfect? Down below it tells us perfect means finished, complete or fully developed.

This is what Christ did when He was on this earth (Eph 4: 11). Yes he established His church on this earth. Some may ask us what good is that do for us. Other word why do we have church? If we continue to read in (Eph 4: 12-13) tells us why do we have a church? What is the purpose of the church? Church’s responsibility is to perfecting the Saints. This why we go to church to be perfected. In (Eph 4: 15-16) tells us to work together in Unity to become like Him. How does the Church do that will when we come to church we do our duties and fulfill our responsibilities (of Melchizedek and Aaronic Priesthood and Relief Society) and we help each others in another word (love and be love).
How do we accomplish His goals and our goals? In D&C 46: 8-9,12 tells us what should we do and how can we accomplish them?
What is our role in His glory?D&C 107: 99-100 we have to learn our duties and be diligence in that duty. This verse tells us what will happen if we don’t fulfill them.
D&C 84: 109-110 these verses tell us we need to learn and to fulfill the duties. we need help others to be edified with the word of God.D&C 97: 14 we have to know the doctrines and the principles of the Gospel and knowing is not enough but we need to practice them in our life.D&C 105: 10 tells us if we know the things we are doing we can teach others perfectly.
D&C 38:23 tells us to teach once again.Do we know why do we need to teach people? I did not know but I learned through the scriptures and through our prophets. Because we are not prefect but Gospel is perfect. Through Gospel we can be perfect. Once again that is why we came to this earth to become like Him.Last but not the least what should we teach? D&C 52: 9-10 these verses tell us nothing new other then the Prophets and Apostils words.
 This tells us nothing new or telling us a secret ways it’s strait and forward telling us to be obedient to God and he will bless you and our family.
 Love you families and Friends,

Elder Aruldoss

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