Sunday, September 30, 2012

DANIEL: September 12, 2012

Hello my dear Families and Friends

How are you all doing in these days? I’m doing wonderful and amazing in our branch. I had learned many things in this past week. I been reading the Book of Mormon and learning much about the goodness of God and His plan for his children and especially for my life. My personal study had taught me how should I read the scriptures and reading is not enough the most important part is to apply the things that I learned.

I also have been learning about the church history of the world. Wow no words can describe the sacrifices of the people in the old. My heard was swelled with love for the pioneer of our church. Like the Book of Mormon tells us to “stand tall at all times, all things and in all places” this is the great example for this statement. I love this work what we as a Missionaries do it is the greatest work that man can do. it is a blessing to bless others’ life and also it is a responsibility to all of our members of the church to spread the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yesterday we had a child baptism in our branch it was one of the spiritual baptism I ever attended in my life. His name is Eathen. His grandma came to the front of the congregation and told us a story. She said when she was a small her mother told her about one thing “when you whisper to a baby’s ears some things he or she will listen to them. When Eathen was a baby his grandma told him “welcome to our family and I want you to be a good missionary” this really touched my heart deep in side what a wonderful grandma who wants to bless her grandson by helping him to be a missionary. Now he is eight years old one day one of his teacher asked the class what do they want to be in the future everyone answered different ways except Eathen answer I want to be a missionary. The teacher was confused few days later the teacher asked Eathen’s mother what is the meaning of you son want to be a missionary? Eathen’s mother had the opportunity to explain about the missionary work. I thought to myself what a stud of a kid. I was overwhelmed by his dedication for this great work. I truly love this work. I’m glad I decided to come on his mission it truly changed my life and blessed me.

Love you all

Elder Aruldoss   

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