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DANIEL: June 13, 2012

Hello families and Friends

How are you all doing this week? I’m doing very well. 

Well I’m my new area now I’m having lots of fun and exited to work with this new people. This area is one of the hardest places to find people to teach because we are near by embassy. The good thing is some people speak English because I don’t know much Hindi.

Now I have a new companion his name is Elder Saker. He is from Coimbatore where David is serving currently. He speaks Tamil and English. My companion has only three months and he will go home. My companion and I don’t know Hindi we know little bit that’s all. My past companions knew handy they translated for me now we need to take a members with us. I decided to learn Hindi because where every I go everyone is spiking in Hindi it’s really irritates because I couldn’t replay to them.      

My spiritual experience for this week is:

Wow….. Where do I start well I had been in this branch for 6 days only but I had learned many things and I’m really exited to work with the members and investigators. I love the Branch missionaries they are really really amazing to work with.

My second day we went to boiling with the branch missionaries we all had lots of fun and cool fellowship. After that we had had wonderful BMCM we had everyone in that meeting, I almost cried because I hadn’t had that kind of BMCM the spirit was so strong. From that experience I had learned “many hands will move the work faster” we also had young man president and Relief society president it was a wonderful experience for me.

The next day I had wonderful Sabbath day. We did not have much people but we had lots of spirit in out meeting.

My companion is wonderful I’m really exited to serve with him. Last few days we had been working heard to find some people so we can teach and to bring them to our big family. God had sent us some investigators to us we are working with them.

Love you all

Elder Aruldoss  

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