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DANIEL:September 19, 2012

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My dear family and friends

How are you all doing in these days? Thank you for all the up dates on every thing. We have been working much heard to find some more investigators. The headrest part is not many people can speak English in Delhi. Keep trying and keep working on the chosen that the God has placed before us.

Other companionship found a wonderful family they are from Tamil nadu. I had a wonderful chance to meet them two days ago. There is no words can describe this family. They have a faith not a normal faith like other investigators. I wish you guys are here to see this wonderful family. The brother is physically challenged but he memorized most of the bible but they are really receptive and willing to lesson to the missionaries. He was borne Hindu but converted to Christianity. There parents casted him out because his belief but he still had the faith in God now he is in good place and enjoying the blessings. His wife in other hand is a wonderful women one who understood the importance of Motherhood. I love that family so much when ever I see that family I want to have faith like him. After seeing this person, I truly came to know what is a faith?

We are working with a brother who is a part member family. His baptism supposed to happen last week but it postponed to the 30th of this months. There is much reason the main one is he not coming to church.

Other then that nothing is new.   

I want to tell you thank you very much mother for the updates on very things
Dad we found a basketball and tennis court we go on Wednesdays (P-day) to play games today we went and played I was on fire. Keep practicing dad.

Love you all have a wonderful week and missing you all.

President. Sackley wants to have a personal study and Companionship study and Weekly planning with us tomorrow I exited. I will let you know what’s happened next week.

We ITL-ing (invite to learn) so we can find some people.

Elder Aruldoss 

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