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DANIEL: May 2, 2012

Hello families and friends

How are you all doing this week! I’m doing fantastic. Well this week went well. I did many things one of the greatest activity was sharing the message of the temples. One unique things about this mission is as a missionaries we help people and prepare people to enter in the celestial levels in this mission we have the opportunity to do this with the members. I love this opportunity because I been through the Holy Temple and I know how much important it is? And how much blessing it will bring to their lives and to their family members?

David asked me to write about my area. Like I said my area is in the border of Delhi. There are about 160 members in our branch, active people about 100 members and less active is 60 members. In our area we do our best to reactivate our members.

I think some might had the chance to lesson to the past General Conference in the Priesthood meeting first three speakers talked about the duties of the priesthoods. One of our primary purposes is to activate our lost sheep. That is one of our main purposes as an India New Delhi’s missionaries.

My companion and I go out and try to find people to teach for our teaching river, but some times we find people to teach but they become a 30% ers that means they don’t keep the commitments that we give them. Our mission is 101% referral mission because when we try to fine them they go a stray.

Another thing that we do we baptize as a family.

In the begging I said our church is doing an experiment to see the Home group works or not. It is going well. We have three groups in Dwarka. Each group faces different challenges.

Janak Puri- home group is facing one main challenge the main one is lack of Priesthoods men.

Palam- home group is facing lots of temptations from Satan.

Last but not the least our home group is Petal Garden- People are very good and want to come to church but do to the problems in there homes it is hared for some to come to church.

They are all trying to do their best to follow the gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives. That’s what I admire them the most. 

I’m healthy and good but my companion was really sick for two days. Now he is doing better. I’m exited for Casey and I’m little said because I can not be there for the wedding. Every thing is going well.

Love you all take care of your self.

Elder. Aruldoss     

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