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DANIEL: April 25, 2012

Read the April edition of the New Delhi Mission Newsletter here.

Dear Families and Friends

How are you all doing? I’m doing very well. We had a transfer meeting today; I’m staying in Dwarka for another six weeks. Thank you for sending the pictures it was a great to see all of you in the pictures. Courtney’s baby is soooooo….. Cute I wish I was there to kiss the baby. I was glad to see the pictures of graduation. 

Today I would like to share India New Delhi mission’s teaching pattern. 1. Begin with (prayer, Power statement, and inspired questions). 2. Listen and Ask & Listen and Ask. 3. Teach and Testify (during the teaching we use media, Scriptures, members, personal- experiences, testimony and Stories). 4. Invite (we give them commitments to help them to come close to Jesus Christ). 5. Prayer and Promise them blessings. 6. Prayer. 7. Follow up

This pattern also in the PMG (preach My Gospel). This pattern in the scriptures all the prophets used this pattern even Christ used it. 

It is in 2 Nephi 31VS 2-3 Power statement
VS 4-6 Asking questions
VS 7-15 Teaching
VS 16 Testify 
VS 17-20 Invites
VS 21 PromisesAnother scriptures is in Alma 22
VS 4-5 King’s concern
VS 6 making the king think (inspired questions)
VS 7 asking more questions
VS 8 testifying
VS 9-10 simple words so the king can understand his teaching
VS 11 asking more questions
VS 12-13 using the scriptures and also explaining the scriptures
VS 14 answering the king’s question
VS 15The king understand the value of the message & want to change himself.
VS 16 Invites
VS 17-18 Aaron teach the King to pray, and the king finally gives one of the best prayer in the scriptures.

We see ever prophets used this method to teach the people.  We are trying our best to find some people to teach but we did found a lots of 30% investigators. Other than that our home group is doing very good one thing that I had seen in our home group now they try to help each other more for an example if someone doesn’t have a job some of our members who have job try to find it for those who don’t have? I really like what’s happening in our home group.

Now our members trying to improve their teaching one of our members in our home group asked me to come to his home and help him to teach to lesson on Sunday. He also told me he is kind of scared to teach. One of the member and I gave him a promise if he is prepared and heavenly Father will help him and also we told him we would be right there for him to help with the lesson.
I love it president for members’ willingness to improve their lives for the good of others. I’m grateful to be here in Dwarka branch thank you.

Thank you families love and your support.

Elder Daniel Aruldoss

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