Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DANIEL: July 11, 2012

Dear families and Friends

How are you all? I am doing will. We are getting some rain in our area it is really nice to have some rain because it is really HOT. We sweat lot end of the day we are socked and in your word mom we are “sweaty bums.” That’s why it is good to have some rain in Delhi.

I’m glad you are enjoying the temple prep class. Mom last week I gave some names for you to take it to the temple did you do it mom if you didn’t do please do that for me mom. Thanks.

we had wonderful week this past week and also record setting week for the second Branch, because we had 139 members came to church last week. We are happy with the result but not satisfied. We can do better always.

I had wonderful experience past week. My companionship really struggling with finding investigators so on fast and testimony Sunday I really fasted for some of our investigators and a prompting came to me go to sector seven on that day I ignored it, the second day the same prompting once again I ignored, the same prompting for four days finally my companion and I decided to go and when I went to that place. We found a wonderful family. They been taught by elders past nine years but we are building good relationship with that family and they are really nice. We are helping them to realize the importance of the Gospel in their life. I love the family. They could be wonderful members in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We also found a lost sheep I don't know why most of the lost sheep are coming to us because this is not the first time. I will do my best to rescue them, because that's what Jesus will do if He is hear.

I had been thinking about the past eleven months it went too fast. I also been thinking about how can I better myself and what are the goals that I needed to accomplish and needed to improve in order to help people. While I was thinking a thought came to my mind Elder Aruldass you can catch the past but you can catch the future.

I also been reading the conference talks it is a wonderful to read and to pander the things that are written. When I read “the merciful will obtain mercy” I was shamed and also got the idea that I need to improve and if I want to be a good priesthood holder I needed to change some of the things that I do and say about others. I had learned many things from that talk.

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to teach the Elders Quorums. It was fun and kind of disappointed because when I was teach the class no one was answering the questions and kind of felt like I was the one who is speaking in that room. I been twisting and trying to change my teachings so people can feel the spirit more. I learned one things that is OBEDIENT when we are as members do our best to follow the Savior Jesus Christ. The spirit will come if we don’t we will not have the spirit.

Love you all thank you for you love and support

Elder Aruldoss   

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