Friday, September 21, 2012

DANIEL: August 8 & August 15, 2012

August 8

Dear families and friends

How are you? Will I’m doing wonderful and amazing. Except my companion had tooth pain last week so we found out what causing the pain it was wisdom teeth was causing the pain. Will he had surgery last week, but I went on an exchange with members. It was not a bad week for us lots of finding in this area but nothing is working. Sometimes I’m frustrated and disappointed with myself because I’m not shore if I needed to do better at ITL ing or what?

We had wonderful fast and Testimony meeting in our branch in Vasant Vihar. Sister Sonia stood and board her testimony and she thanked Elder. Krishna Velu and Me because that time we were three sum. I had the opportunity to teach that sister. I’m grateful for the testimony she bored and I also realized on His mission there is no word or anything can replace when you lesson to your convert’s testimony.

Trying to find some people to teach and keep out self busy. Pray for us plzzzz… thank you for you love and support.

love you all thank you for your love and your prayer.

Elder Aruldoss

August 15th

Hello family and friends

How are you? I’m doing wonderful in this branch, learning a lot of things in here. Today is we had so much fun with our Vasant Vihar 2nd Branch. I love this branch for many reason one of the reasons is they really know how to enjoy in the Gospel. I love working in this branch because leaders wants to help the branch to grow in our area.

I learned few things in this one year. I want to share it with you all.

The first thing is what is mission? And what do we do as a missionary? Mission is not easy but it is worth it to stick with it. When we work hard and trust God we will be happy. The second question is what do we do? We invite all to come unto Christ. Like a Lehi who invited to partake to “Fruit” that same way we do it. We invite and it is up to them if they want to eat the fruit or not.

The second thing is BEING OBEDIENT. Like in D&C tells us “What you sow that’s what you will reap.” It is soooooo….. True because when I’m obedient I saw God’s hand in this Great work. And also I learned some times we may not reap what we had sow in our life but we being patient in all things is a very good thing. God wants us to be patient to the things will come in the future in life. David told me on my second week on His mission “OBEDIENT IS THE KEY TO SUCCES” I would like to add IN LIFE (D&C 130:20-21).

The third thing is success. I thing this word helps us to see what kind of person we are? For an example some people have the definition like this “if you have money you are success in life” I have my own definition as a missionary my success is when I make someone happy on that day. Every week I think of the people who were happy because of me. That’s when true happiness comes in my life. Having baptism and having ten investigators in the church is very good. But that does not define a missionary.

The forth thing is Families How important is the family in our life? Will families are the most important units in our life. I came to know how much we need to appreciate our family members in my life. I want to thank my family members in my life because of you what they have done in my life. They helped me in many ways and loved me in many ways. I’m grateful for you all thank you So much. Thank you for your great examples in my life.

The last but not the least is CHURCH. Church is very important in my life because going to church is changed my life and helped me to feel the LORD’s love for me and whosoever around me. Going to church helped me to see what Christ had done for me personally, helped me to love others, to have higher standards, to have wonderful friends, most importantly to see God’s plan for me and my families.

Thank you all thank you for everything you have done in my life.


Elder Aruldoss   

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