Sunday, February 24, 2013

DAVID: January 27, 2013

Wow, where do i start now.  Hyderabad is in difficult condition and many things are happening here.  We got locked in our apartment for few days because the Muslims are creating problems to the people.  I guess one of the top Muslim politician  got arrested and  his committee followers decided to break the windows of buses and etc.  The main area got effected is ours and So we had been informed to stay in for 3 days. apart from that we also had a specialized training with our Zone for two days which was really good.  So we only proselyted for two days last week.  I feel like i haven't done anything at all last week.  Nothing much happened this week.

The other bad news is that we are locked in the apartment today and possibly tomorrow as well.  There is an another issue is really big in Hyderabad.  It's call the Talangana.  Basically this city wants to be a state. As for now it is the capital of Andra Pradesh.  One half is with this and the other  half is against this Talangana issue. The conclusion of this issue is this week and either way there will be problems. there will be strikes for many days. I really don't know what gonna happen this week.  In the past Elders were locked in for two weeks because of this problem.  Pray for me!  By the grace of God i am safe and protected.

with much love

Elder Aruldoss

Elder Aruldoss with the first Patriarch in India!

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