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DANIEL: February 13, 2013

Read the February New Delhi India Mission Newsletter here.

My dear Families and Friends,

How are you all? I hope you all had wonderful week. In Mumbai we been finding the new areas to ITL and Door knock it has been really tough and lots of learning experience for my companion and I. we are started to talk to people mostly answer nicer way but some not really mean and ruder way. It has been fun and heard for some in here. 

We been going to Santacruze form that name you might gassed sounds like a Christian area. Yes, it's mostly Christians live in this area but the people are Roman Catholic. We saw few churches so big churches that in (2 Nephi 28) tells us. But I felt really really bad for the people because so many people who do not have the Gospel in their life and wondering around in the world. 

we talked to one sister one who came from the big Church, but she asked are where is your church? and are you part of the Roman Catholic Church? we said no, I was really stunned by her answer "If it's not Catholic Church I not coming" My thought went to the Book of Mormon 2 Nephi 28:21-22. 

We went to one of our members' home her name is sis. Mary Bale. we were talking with her and her brother Daniel. While we were talking with him He asked Why do we have so many Churches in the World? and Why do we have so many Bible? With our a thought my companion and I started to teach about the Restoration. Every Missionaries in the World long for that question form the non-member or investigators. I was so happy that he asked that question. I love this work.

I have less then 6 months left I'm trying to finish the Book of Mormon. I'm Not going to tell you anything new but I'm going to tell you what you all already know. This book (BOM) has blessed me so much and continue to bless me. I love reading the Scriptures and finding answer to my problems and questions in my life because indeed it is a very word of God who loves you and me. He wants us to read them and learn off him. when you read and ponder the words form the Book of Mormon you will change and your attitude will change toward. Truly it stared to changed mine. I also want to tell you how much I love you all. thank you for being a good mom and dad and brothers and sisters and friends. I love you all. 

Elder. Aruldoss    

"The children are our Mumbai branch Primary. They call me Elder. Monster because 
every Sunday after church I play monster games with them. I love those kids they are so funny."     

"Finally we have bed these many days we been sleeping on the floor."

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