Monday, February 25, 2013

DANIEL: February 25, 2013

Hello My Families and Friends,
How are you all doing? I'm doing wonderful in Mumbai. We had good week and we have a first baptism coming up next Sunday. I'm really exited for the sister. Vallie.

let me start form Tuesday we went to a place call Andheri East. in the evening we had a dinner appointment with Abraham family. our companionship ate and went to our sister. Vallie's home. when we went to her home she also prepared us dinner. My companion said he is full and can't not eat. once the same thing happened they got little sad that time we did not eat. so I told them to give me very little even thou I was so.... full I ate in there home also. Lessons finished and very things was done we were walking out I felt soo... full and I couldn't walk and feeling through-up. came to the bus stop and very very close to through-up. I said a small prayer so I may not do anything. sat in the bus and I felt so... much better. I'm grateful for my Father in Heaven for listening to my prayer.

We had our Zone meeting on Thursday.

Let me tell you about our perfect day that we had on Saturday. What made this perfect day you many wondered. first we went to a place call Sion. we were walking and walking and more walking one street and second street so on and on.. We saw a park and there we some people we sitting in the park and we went and sat near by them and started to read some scriptures while we were reading there were two little girls came behind and there names were Pooja and Tia. There were about 7 to 9 years old. they came behind me and hid themselves. I looked at them and the gave me a look saying what? I kept looking at them and one to two Min. later they came to me. said "Uncle, we are really scared and can we borrow your phone and call my mom." I asked them why? are they scared and there were some who bigger child scared them. we told them Don't worry we are here. gave the phone and finally Pooja's mom came and picked her up.  when I say there two children's face I learned some things related to our Heavenly Father. I immediately I looked around I saw many people in the park and thought to myself. Everyone is like this two children who are waiting and scared in the world who don't know who is there Father is? Scared because no one is there to protect them.  off course we ITL ed there mom and she gave us an appointment. She was amazed to see a missionaries like us in the young age. 

After a while we started to walk again I told my companion let's eat Panipuri we ITL ed the person who has the store. It's is a road side store. good food and he gave a appointment. We felt really happy.

the third person was a business man. he was so nice and humble man. he also gave us appointment. 

Now the Sunday. we had good Sacrament meeting. Our President gave a talk about How as a members of the Church take this for Granted? he talked about the simple things like the Scripture Study and Prayer. how we rush them so we can do our things during the days. What he said is Our attitudes needed to change when we read the Scriptures and our Prayer.

Love you all,  have a good week. 

Elder Aruldoss 

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