Monday, February 25, 2013

DAVID: February 17, 2013

It was a great week not because i was gone out of my area, but the things that i learned from the general authorities. We were in Bangalore for several days.  We had our Zone Leader Council meeting and also a special fireside with Elder Evans who is in charge of the missionary work for the entire Church.  I am not exactly sure of his calling. Let me start with the ZLC.  My second favorite part of that is the lunch, sister Funk made us Lissanya for lunch which was so delicious. After a long time i had that.  The favorite part of that when sister Funk talked about consecration. She talked about how when we sanctify ourselves by applying the atonement daily in the missionary work.  I learned to better serve the master with all my heart, might, mind and strength.  Then the next day we was the special fireside. Elder Evans talked about many wonderful things. I won't go into details. One thing that i loved is the mission is the foundation of my life. The spirit that i feel and the things that i learn will prepare myself to face the challenges of the world.  I was a different person when i walked out of that fireside.  My desire and my love to serve the Lord has been increased since last week.

We are having a baptism this week of brother Abraham whom of i told you last week.  he is an amazing investigators self referral. One day just walked into Church. He is very good with the scriptures and knows the Old and the New testament so well. He knows the things that we teach already(all the doctrines and commandments). during our teaching appointments i learned more  from him than he learned form us . The only thing that was new is the Word of Wisdom.  Super humble man.  One thing that i like about him is that he would come to Church everyday in the evening time to read the Book of Mormon.  He knows without a single doubt that the Book of Mormon is true. I love this brother so much.  Pray for him.  He was well prepared by the Angels of God to receive the gospel at this time and i am so pleased to teach him.

I am doing so well here and learning to be more responsible.  We do have the largest Zone and many Elders struggle here in different ways. So we have to conduct many exchanges with the Elders.  I am glad to help out and serve among them. I am not counting my days, however it is coming to an end soon. I want you to know that i do love you so much and pray for you.

With Much love,

Elder Aruldoss

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