Sunday, February 24, 2013

DAVID: January 20, 2013

My week was wonderful.  It was a memorable week in Hyderabad for me.  This week was a big festival only the people here celebrate. It is called Sankaranti or in other words its a kite festival.  I have heard of this festival before but this is my first time witness it.   So it was really fun.  Everyone was flying their kites in the sky.  Some will go to their roof top and some to the park on this day, we even saw some guys on the street flying kites.  So I had such a good time flying kites.  MAN!! There are thousands of kites in the sky on that day.  The sky was filled with different colors.  We didn't have a kite but there was a kite flowing in the air towards us, i guess someone lost it or got ripped.  We thanked God and used that to kite. 

This week was also wonderful because we baptized a part member family.  Since i've arrived here in my new area we had the opportunity to teach them.  The family was so good and their children are very good potential missionaries in the future. The family name is Thallapally and the father got baptized in 1992, yes! long time ago and through the help of his relatives who are super strong members in the gospel, he came back to Church with his family.  I felt so special to baptize this family.  Many things are working well in our area.  It is one of the struggling branch in the Stake, so this really boosted the branch members.  It is also hard to take the members on exchange.  So i really believe that we woke the members in the ward to help the missionaries.  our area is also so huge and we spent majority of our time traveling.  Talking about traveling we had to travel to the air port for couple of times.  We are also in charge of picking up the new elders from the air port.  It is also an hour travel. I got sick of traveling long distance. 

The missionary work is the best and i am lovin it!!  I know God understands my desire.  I have a strong desire to help this Ward and He has blessed me with much success on my mission.  Nothing brings happiness to me than seeing a family becoming a part of  the Zion here in India.  I love it so much.


Elder Aruldoss

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