Sunday, February 24, 2013

DAVID: February 4, 2013

My week was ok.  We were locked in for two more days last week.  don't ever try to stay in the house for two days straight  it will drive you crazy like it did to me. I was so happy to go out after a while.

We have been teaching a brother named Raj.  He is a Bra-min .  these people make the BEST dall. its an Indian dish which i LOVE so much.  Anyway Bra-min is a  Hindu cast and he is the Priest for the temple in his town.  He has such a great faith in God because of that Satan tested him last week.  he went to his home town to visit his family after a long time and his family found out that he is preparing for baptism this month.  obviously his family was completely against it.  They forced him to stay with them for sometimes. We didn't get to meet him at all this week and he came to Church on Sunday and told us about it. I love this man because he is sticking to his faith and to be baptized this coming week. I am happy for this brother for making great sacrifices to follow God.  My Faith been strengthen tough Raj's experience. He is the man!! I am so excited for him to be baptized this week.  

Our mission is also struggling with missionary work.  Out baptism goal for this year is more than 1000 i don't know exact number.  So we need your prayers for the missionaries here.

I love and miss you,

Elder Aruldoss

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