Sunday, February 24, 2013

DANIEL: January 23, 2013

How are you all doing? 

Thanks mom for the update on the last week. well I'm doing wonderful and healthy.

looks like David is working very heard in Hyderabad and having some fun with flying kite. That's good :)
In Mumbai it's different and heard, but it is really really fun. Different in scene more of my hometown. That's really good. I see many people speaks English I mean many people. I like that lot. it makes really easy for the missionaries to talk to them and ask them a address.

On Friday I had a wonderful personal study. I learned a lot. I decided to study about Jesus Christ in the remaining transfer. More specifically Who is Jesus Christ? What He had done for all the Human kind? Who did He say He is? and many more things. I will tell you from next week onward. I stared this study because I tell my investigators about Christ and What He had done for all of us. Some times I asked myself Do I really know who He is? That's what made me to study about Him.

Saturday we went to bro. Mahandare family and we taught his mother about Plan of Salvation. One appointment got bunked. we waited and waited for 45 minuets, and finally we received a text he needed to help his family members with some things. we went finding some area in Navi Mumbai (this means new Mumbai).

On Sunday we had wonderful Sacrament meetings. one of the members gave a talk about members and Parents' duties. He said "Heavenly Father is smiling at us (Mumbai members) when He looks at the Mumbai, because the handful of his children who are coming to church and worshiping Him. I thought to myself He is also proud of those who were there. After that we taught bro. Kepil. we taught him for three hours the Restoration and answering his question. He invited us to his home and on the next day. His home is two and half hours away from where we live. first we traveled in the Train and bus. we went to his home and watched some of the General Conference. it was spiritual and fun. we traveled back to other members' home we had a Family Home Evening. we showed them how to conduct a FHE that was wonderful experience for them and for us.

Tuesday we had our first Zone meeting in Mumbai. we had wonderful spirit there, I loved it.

that's all going on in mission life. l love you all thank you for your love and your support.


Elder Aruldoss    

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