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DANIEL: February 18, 2013

Hello Dear Families and Friends,
How are you? I'm doing wonderful and Great in the city of Mumbai. This week we had many things happened. Some of them I would like to share with all of you. First of all No mom I'm Not braking the rules to mail you our P-day got changed to Monday :)

let me start form Thursday We went to Panvel to see the area and find some of investigators. it was not a good area I will tell you when I come home Why? while on our way we met one guy on the train we were talked with him and he is a Christian but not willing to listen to us. His name was Matthew. He spoke very good English. but we gave a book of Mormon to him and testified That book will changed his life. I hope he will read it.

On Friday we had wonderful day because we had many appointments with our members and Investigators. We have one more new investigator his name is brother Vivek. His father resonantly past way in an accident. He asked us "why did he die like that because my dad is a wonderful person and very good man why did this happened to him?" we shared him we don't know why it happened but We told him this gospel will give him the peace his looking for and the answer that he need. we committed him to pray and read the book of Mormon and come to church.

On Saturday we had the opportunity to talk with President Sackley and give a report of the Mumbai. How is missionary work and Members and area and so on and so forth...
He told us about Elder Evans who resonantly came to Delhi but elders in Mumbai miss seeing Him. President Sackley gave a overview of what had happened and what did he learned?

Elder Evans talked about the importance of the Book Of Mormon.  He said as a missionaries we usually teach form the favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon but that is not right. in the beginning of the this book we learn many truths and Doctrines. He gave an examples of it:

1 Nephi 1:1 teaches us the responsibility of the parents
1 Nephi 1:4 teaches us the importance of the Prophets
1 Nephi 1:6 the importance of the Prayer
1 Nephi 1:8 the importance of the Visions and Revelations
1 Nephi 1:9 tell us about Jesus Christ
1 Nephi 1:19  talks about the adversary
1 Nephi 1:20 and Power of Deliverance

He encouraged us to invite our members and investigators to teach them form the beginning of the Book of Mormon.

by the way we had our first fireside in Mumbai we had good turnout. we had a them that was Knowing Your Neighbors. it was so fun and everyone enjoyed it.

One cool thing is David taught a family who moved to Mumbai. His name is Nageshwar Raw. he baptized his mom and we are teaching his Father. she was so happy to see us. yesterday we taught that family in four languages Tamil, Telugu, English, and Hindi. I never taught in these many languages but it was fun.
That's all my people this week. Have a good week and love you all.
Elder Aruldoss


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