Monday, February 25, 2013

DAVID: February 11, 2013

This week was really good.  Brother Raj that i told you about got baptized and i had the privilege to perform his baptism.  Satan brought many temptations and made him think not to make the covenant with God.  Along with him there are few guys who stays with him in his apartment and they all were against his decision and wanted to take him to see a new movie on Sunday.  I love his faith in God and he didn't go with his friends and came to Church.  He was so excited.  He expressed his feelings of how he was tempted many ways to not be baptized.  We had a super good baptism service.  Many came to support him in the baptism service.  there was a overwhelming spirit of God surrounded the room. The baptism went really well.  I gave a big hug to him right after that.  This was a special baptism to me because he came from from a pure Hindu priest family and gone through lots of struggles and i was there to help him to get through all of them.  I felt so happy and expressed my deep gratitude to my Heavenly Father for him.  He has started his journey to enter into God's kingdom.  The joy of missionary work is all about bringing the Gospel blessings to God's children.  I know that there are many who are prepared for this Gospel in India.  

there was a new comer who came to Church for the first time.  His name is Abraham who spoke very good English. He is a pretty wealthy man.  He stayed for full three hours as well as  for the baptism of  Raj and we met with him right after the baptism.  I was amazed of his response to some of our inspired questions that we asked him.  He said that when he enter into the Church he was so perplexed and didn't understand whole lot.  He had MANY questions about the Church, however amazingly all the doubts and questions that he had was resolved during the baptism service.  We asked him How he  got the answer and i know what he said is True.  He said that He felt the Holy Spirit so strong and he knew that was God who is helping to understand that the Church is true and the Book of Mormon is True.  He was so clear and He accepted our baptism invitation for Feb 24th.  I was touched by this brother's testimony and He is such a wonderful man and i know without a doubt that God had prepared him for this time to have the restore Gospel. He doesn't belong to Hyderabad and we asked him how long he will be staying here.  He said that "There is no reason to leave this place and i will stay here only."  Keep in mind  the doesn't belong to this state either.  He is gonna bring his family here and possibly thinking to settle near the Church.  I was greatly blessed to have these testimony building experiences on my mission.  I feel like the missionary is never ending calling for me.  I love it so much.  

With my deepest gratitude and love,

Elder Aruldoss

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