Sunday, February 24, 2013

DANIEL: February 6, 2013

Hello I'm doing good. In Mumbai we are working really heard to find a appointments, because they are all really busy and almost all of the working.

On Saturday we went to our BML's home and ate in his home and we had our BMCM in his home.
we had wonderful Sabbath day.

We went to Cantacruze to do some finding activity. we did not find any one but we did find many Roman Catholic People. first we asked her about if we can find any Christian families and she pointed to us near to her home. while we were walking, we say many pictures of Christ and Mary. we were exited to go and I took a few steps in the colony immediately I felt some one was pulling me back it's like don't go now and my companion told me let's go back. I never felt such a feeling in my life. it was crazy and wired.

Some times I may not understand the Spirit in my life Why it telling me? but when we listen and obey we will be blessed.

That's all for this week.
Love you all,

Elder. Aruldoss   

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