Saturday, September 3, 2011

DAVID: August 28, 2011

Dear family, 

This week was really good.  We taught many new investicators and less active people here. I miss you and love you. Mom thank you for the report of our family.  I am happy that they are all doing fine.
This week we went to teach this family Bro. David .  He is a member of the lds church and his wife Rama Laksmi ,not a member who belongs to another christian church doesn''t want her daugter to take the babtism in our church.  She only believes in the Bible. So we went to thieir house and she did not want us in her house.  But we there anyway to see her.  When we saw her, we said hi and she didn't want to listen to us and start asking question after ?. But we did teach her husband and read a passage from BOM.  She was waling around the house and also listening to us and want we are talking about.  But we didnt  pay attention to her and focused on the husband.  so she asked as questions again and we shared and helped her to understand why we have the book of Mormom. We told us that she was sorry for her action during our visit. We invited her to come to church. However Sunday afternoon we didn't see her but the husband was there at church. after that we in our class room and got a phone call middle of the 2nd class and we went outside to ans the call.  There was sister Rama Lakshmi entering into the church.  We were suprised seeing her there.  We took her immeditaly to Gospel principle class.  I was really happy to see her.  I realized how important it is to be an example of a true believer and that is what we did in her house in our last visit. I learned this principle through all of your examples. 
I am so happy to be an instrument in the hand of God.  I love the gospel and Love you all.
Elder Aruldoss.

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