Monday, September 12, 2011

DAVID: September 12, 2011

This week was really great.  We went to Hydrabad for leadership training for few days on the new missionary book.  It was really a time of learning how to be an effective missionary. 
We found out that the brother Sai (inversticator) do not know anything like who God is and What Faith means.  He had soooooooo many questions and we postponed the babtisimal date.  We are going to teach him from the begining.  Pray for him.
So my companion and I were traveling to see a family and this brother Mohan start talking to us and he was looking for a job to support his family and also want to learn English. He was kinda of discouraged actually.  He belong to a hindu family of 7. He really was looing for someone to  teach him about Jesus Christ.  So we told him the Gospel will help you to face those challenges with courage and confident.  so the next day we taught him about Jesus Christ and invited him to take the babtism. He excepted our invitation to take the bebtism on Sep.25.  He came to church this sunday and we are going to see him today.  I learned that our Heavenly father sometimes bring his children to us Missionaries like this man who talked with us first.  He is really willing to learn the gospel and follow Jesus Christ. 
We met this brother yesterday (sunday) who called us and asked us to come to his house to give a blessing to his mom who was struglling with Tyfoid Fever for last few months.  So we went to his house and taught his mom the important of faith and to have faith in Jesus Christ. It was a great experence.  What i want to tell is that this man Sevikumar, the son had a miracle in his life.  His hole family is Hindu, recently he was coming to our church and reading the Bible.
So he had a problem in his back for last 4 years. So even the Best Docter in India said to him that " The problem in his back is not curable" and they spent like 7 lacks just for him. so they just gave him some pain killers and some others tablets to take. It was 5 days ago this man read the story of Jesus Healing this woman.  that  all he read and went to sleep.  the next moring his problem in his back was completely gone and he could walk  and sit and do everything which he could not do before. I was really stunned and didn't know what to say. 
It was a real miracle that our Heavenly Father performed in this man's life. He now want to take the babtism on the same date as Mahan 25 of this month.  I am very thankful to meet these two men.  I love my area and the people.  I miss all of you and love you very much. 
Love Elder Aruldoss

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