Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DANIEL: September 21, 2011 (Editor's note: FINALLY!)

Dear mom

I'm doing Great. I'm alive. sorry for not E-mailing you last week. now I am in India, and the earthquake was day before I arrived hear.

I want to say so many things and I don't konw where to begain. I'm learning and groing in the gospel so much. Thank you for your support. how is Court? is she doing ok? tell eveyone I said hi for me. In MTC my camera and some money got stolen. 

One of my spiritual moment was last monday I was reading the Book of Mormon I was almost crying because the spirit was so strong. I love my mission and it is kind of hard to find people to teach other then that eveything is cool.

Last two weeks I come to know that more about the my self and what do i needed to improve. tell hi to all of my friends. I have a amazing companion who is really good at everything and I've been learning many thing from him. Tell every one I'm alive.

I'm greatful for the gosple of Jesus Christ, I come to know there is not another greater work then this. tell i said hi to our home teachers and bro. and sister Morris family. tell my brothers and sisters I love them and greatful for their examples.

Dad and Mom I love you too. thank you for everything.

Elder Aruldoss

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