Sunday, October 16, 2011

DAVID: October 10, 2011

Hi everyone.

I am doing well here in Vizak. I am doing my best to help my people here in India.  I love this work very much.  The Gerneral Conference was great.  There were so many good talks were given by leaders.  Last time I was with my Allred family during the Conference and this time i was here in India.

I have to tell you this.  This week crazist thing happened.  so one of our members who recentally got baptized.

We asked him for referrals.  so he told us that he wants to take us to his old friend.  He took us to this family's house.  This family was a strong protestants.  so we went to their house and introduced us to them.  So those people were start talking to us and did not want to listen to us at all.  They were telling us that our church is belong to the devil and we worship Joseph Smith and everything.  So they completely rejected us and said that they dont need any other book than Bible.  So i did not speak anything to them and my companion was trying to explain to them and they didnt  listen.  They didnt even let us say prayer.  So i just bore my testimony to them and my companion and I walked outside.  However, the member stayed with his old friend. 

The next day the member called us and told us that our is not a true church and went further and told that he wants to meet us later.  So went to his house with our branch president.  He the member start showing us all these scriptures that his old friend showed him and completely changed him and his testimony.  This member told us that he will not come to church anymore and gave the Book of Mormon back to us.  He basically said that our church is wrong and we dont need any prophets and Book of Mormom.  The old friend of him changed him aganist the church in one day. 
I was watching and listening to this the whole time.  He did not listen to us and also Branch Pre. told him.  But he did not want to listen to any of us.  I was really shocked by hearing him.  He also bore his testimony during the fast sunday.  He was a good man, but Satan was really convinced him.  We really want to help him to get back in the church and be active.  Please pray for him.
We also found a new family who belong to Himdu back ground.  They are going to take the baptism this month.  Also my companion and I are baptizing two new people this coming week.  I am sooooooo excited for them.  This place Vizac is wonderful and I love the people here. 
Jill, thank you for the email.  I love you all and miss you very much. 
Hey, mom I found a white tie today at store.  I am happy to have it now.

One more thing.  I MISS TEXAS SHEET CAKE. :)

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