Sunday, October 16, 2011

DANIEL: October 12, 2011

Dear Families and Friends

Thank you for your support and encouragements. I love reading your letters. Last week I watched the General Conference it was wonderful and amazing to lesson to all the talks. Lot of my questions and received many revelations. I'm glad we have prophets and apostles to lead and guide us in the terrible days. I hope everything is going will for all of you.

This is my spiritual moment for the week. 
The most spiritual moment was yesterday, after the District meet. We got referrals from one our elder in our district. We came to our apartment and started doing out companionship study and we also planned to teach Bro. Nilender. When we got there, we asked about him. We started with payer and when we started to teach him the spirit was so strong. After the lesson I asked my companion what made this lesson so spiritual. He gave me so wonderful advice and we moved on. This morning in my personal study I was prompted make list why it was spiritual and what did we do and how did we prepared?
These are the some things we did 
  1. We were prepared the teach the person not the lesson
  2. We were talking about the person
  3. He was opened to receive the message
  4. Started with a prayer
  5. Used the bulletin points
  6. We answered him all of his questions
  7. We were teaching and testifying
  8. We invited him
  9. Ended with a prayer    
 I was grateful for my Savior who gave me this responsibility to teach His gospel  on His mission.

Love you all,

Elder. Aruldoss

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